Ease in the Everyday

ease in the everyday.png

Finding yourself rushing through the day? Wishing for more time, more rest?

What if it isn't so much about WHAT we're doing but HOW we're being within it?

In this video I offer thoughts on how to cultivate a sense of ease and calm no matter what's occurring:

  • How do we handle hurrying… and do we always need to be in a hurry?

  • What phrases, affirmations, or mantras can be helpful in shifting our mode of operating?

  • Can we take responsibility for our own energy, for how we have power to set a beneficial tone in a group?

  • What happens when it feels like we are “pushed” by the energy that others are bringing?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and how you are working with this. Let me know in a comment here, or find the way that you’d like to connect with me!