Awareness of the Body in Movement & Stillness

body in stillness and motion.png

Do you ever have this odd sensation that you are not quite “in” your body? Or maybe that you seem to be more mind/brain than body? These days, I don’t think that’s too uncommon. Ours lives and our work often call for our minds— deep thinking, problem-solving, sensitive communication, figuring things out, remembering, planning.

There’s nothing bad about this, of course. We can have gratitude for all that our amazing minds are capable of. And at the same time, we can also offer time and energy to connect with our body as well. After all, it’s the body that carries us where we need to go, that takes in and processes nutrients to feed and energize the whole being. While we may not always notice it consciously, sensations of the body are always offering information: the gut feelings that we associate with intuition, the trembling of muscles which clues us in to fear or fatigue, the constriction or tension which notifies us about a perception of stress.

So here’s a practice to honor the body. We begin with stillness, tuning in to sensation, and then we offer gentle movement. Give it a try, give your body a treat! After this meditation, I felt a sense of more ease and connection that was delicious… see what happens for you.

If you’d like to continue your cultivation of body awareness, here are some offerings:

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