Cultivating Ease in Body, Mind, & Heart

cultivating ease (1).png

Have you noticed a tendency to clench or contract throughout the day?

Perhaps you notice tightness in your neck or the habit of tightening your jaw.

What about “clenching” in your mind and heart? Do you notice habitual thought patterns that run in the background as you move through your day, perhaps thoughts like “there isn’t enough time?”

Many of use experience this… and there is a golden opportunity here to practice cultivating a different way of being that is more spacious, more relaxed, and more at ease.

When we are feeling more at ease in our body, mind, and heart, we are able to engage more fully and freely with others, we’re more able to bring our whole self into what we’re doing.

In this meditation, invite EASE throughout your whole being... and see what changes occur!

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