Meditation is for You

meditation is for you.png

I hear all the time from people who think they're not "cut out" for meditation. They think their mind is too busy or that if it doesn’t feel calming, then they’re not doing it right. I want to help to set our minds at ease on this front: Meditation isn't "supposed" to be a certain way. It's impossible to do it right or wrong. You're doing great, really. :) 

The thought that meditation should be a certain way, feel a certain way, or that during meditation all thoughts will cease and the mind will be blank… none of this is true. AND holding these unreal expectations actually makes it more difficult and intimidating to sit down and meditate. These beliefs don’t help our practice… they actually get in the way of the good that is occurring.

I hope that this is good news! The good news is that we can go a little easier and let things be as they are!

Hear more in today's video, plus join me for a short meditation!

If you are wanting to begin meditating… just do it! :) And if you’d like a little guidance, check out my free guide or get in touch to schedule a few coaching sessions by phone or in person. I’d love to support you, and I’m wishing you well.