A Tiny Treasure Hunt

tiny treasure hunt.png

Join me for a short practice of taking in what's good... and a whole host of other ideas for shifting out of our negativity bias and into a more spacious and balanced view.

Want to make this part of your life?

Ideas & Resources for regular practice:

  • Daily writing or meditation on the question, “What’s Good?”

  • Take a “Treasure Hunt” walk with the intention of being on the lookout for beauty, surprise, wonder…

  • The “Who Can I Thank?” Game: Ask yourself “Who can I thank?” Let yourself think about who and what you are appreciating… and then spread the joy by telling them!

  • Rick Hanson’s practice “Are you basically ok?

  • Take special note of when you are feeling good or joyful… notice patterns and then repeat them! Put yourself in joy’s path.

Note: No need to get overwhelmed here! These are different doors that enter the same house. :) Just pick one that sounds fun and give it a try!