Everything is Practice

everything is practice.png

When we begin to practice mindfulness, we soon discover that our whole life, our way of being in the world, is made up of many, many moments in which we can choose to be present. Our practice of mindfulness is meant to go way beyond the moments of formal meditation as tendrils of awareness and compassion that infuse our everyday life. Everything that we practice during meditation— being curious, open, and nonjudgemental, being with what is occurring, just as it is— we also bring out into the “real” world, living it.

This begins with intention, planting seeds of presence… and after a short time, begins to arise spontaneously, blossoming like a flower. This is one of the true gifts that we receive from our practice..

In this short video I offer an invitation to choose your own "mindfulness bell" to bring you to present-moment awareness throughout the day.