Your Mindfulness Practice is Self-Care

I don’t think it’s any secret that mindfulness— learning about it and practicing it— has changed my life. That’s why, when it was time for me to be in a different career about 4 years ago, I felt called to teach mindfulness and meditation. It is simply one of the most important facets of my life.

And I feel like I chose well, because this work is so rewarding. Almost every day, I get to see people waking up, being changed, and changing their own lives, simply by paying attention and then seeing what comes next.

Practicing mindfulness is (among other things) a way of being that is empowered, revolutionary, and deeply nourishing. It calls us to slow down, to pause, to be intentional, and to just be… and sometimes slowing down and NOT doing are the hardest things that we can do! We feel like we need to be productive, like we need to take care of everyone but ourselves… and this way of being allows us to take time for what is most important to us, to spend time in service of our wellbeing (which, of course, helps us to be more available in service of the wellbeing of those around us).

Join me for this video to hear more on this perspective and share a short restorative meditation. In the moments of leading this meditation, I had an image enter my mind of sitting at the edge of a clearing in the forest, watching as deer walked across, sampling the grasses as they browsed. Seeing birds swoop through, and breezes. And then these moments of just simple stillness and peace. How does this image relate to meditation? You’ll see! :)