I can flow with this, and more.


Hello! I am back from a trip to Virginia and Morocco, and settling back into life in Monterey. I’m enjoying the coolness of the weather most of all, I think!

Today I was excited to just on Facebook Live to share a little about my experience of FLOW during my trip… and true to form, the recording itself invited me to flow as a poor connection cut off the video a couple of times!

So rather than one video as intended, please find below the three separate pieces that make up today’s teaching and practice.

I’d like to add something that got more clear for me after the recording ended. At a certain point in the video, I stepped back to note that even though cultural differences can be challenging, I don’t want to present this experience as some kind of hardship to overcome. As I continued to think about this, I want to add what might be obvious: that it is precisely the differences and unexpectedness that make people WANT to travel and to experience different cultures. It is exactly these differences that make it so surprising, refreshing, and interesting to be with people who bring new perspectives to the table.

There is no growth and learning without getting a little shaken up, out of what feels normal. When I get over the fact of getting shaken up, there is a GIFT here— some new learning or perspective, an opportunity to see something new and be stretched. I am grateful for all of it. :)

As always, I would love to hear from you. What resonates? What do you question? How are you experiencing flow?