How do we respond to changing circumstances?


Are things feeling busy right now? They are in my corner of the world! School has begun, autumn is here, and with it, I find myself teaching more and responding to more emails… the pace is a bit faster than it was.

This is all good, of course… and it prompts me— no, it REQUIRES me— to shift and adjust. I’m shifting expectations about how much free time I will have, how my physical energy will be affected, how regular my habits and routines can be, what kinds of meals I can prepare… and so on.

When I don’t allow this shift of expectations, when I hold strictly to what “should” be possible (just because it was possible last month, last week, last year) I am, in effect, acting in opposition to the changing circumstances. I’m fighting against the current, not accepting the reality of the moment.

If I fight against reality rather than working with it, I get even more exhausted… and that’s when the all-or-nothing pendulum swings over into past coping behaviors, ways of being that are unhelpful or that make me feel even worse.

Everything changes… and so I need to change as well, to be responsive and resilient.

In this video, let's explore how we can respond and adapt to the circumstances of the moment, with the time and energy that's available. Bringing wise compassion into this moment allows us to release judgment and take a broader view.