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The past few years have been full of change for me. The loss of my dad rocked our family, shook me to the core, and changed my perspective. I exited a job that provided stability and security.

Family and work— these are two areas of life that are part of the foundation. And when the foundation shifts, uncertainty rolls in, sometimes like a mist and sometimes like wave after frightening wave. Rather than hiding out, I am interested knowing what it's like to walk through the mist, to dive into the wave. I want to experience what is true, and in doing so, know myself more fully. I want to see what growth is waiting for me on the other side.

Living into these situations has made me travel through fear and anxiety, and it has given me the opportunity to explore deeply into what gets us through times like these— courage and grit

The reading, reflecting, and teaching I've done on these topics has been so helpful for me-- so comforting and energizing-- and I want to share the wealth.  What you'll find below are invitations to dip a toe into exploring uncertainty, or to jump right in.  

Whatever uncertainty you're traveling through, may you access your own inner strength and courage, and may you experience transformation.

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Enjoy a short reading about shifting your relationship to fear, and why we might not need to fear our fear! Get courage quotes as reminders on your desktop or phone.

After losing my job during a round of layoffs, I faced many questions. Working through Katie’s self-guided course, “Courage Amidst Uncertainty,” provided the reassurance I needed. Katie is not only a gifted teacher but an excellent writer who uses examples from her own experience to model healthy and empowering ways of facing life’s vicissitudes. Working through the reflection exercises and guided meditations returned me to a baseline of calm awareness as Katie reminded me not only that uncertainty is a constant, but that the change accompanying uncertainty is essential to growth.

I highly recommend “Courage Amidst Uncertainty” if you too suddenly find yourself in uncharted territory. Katie will help you take the next step.
— Mike

Self-Guided course

Journey inward. Use guided meditations and written reflection to apply what you're reading, to sit with your own thoughts and feelings, and to integrate your learning in service of growth.

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Get support. Add in calls with me to deepen reflection, help clarify questions, and talk through what you're experiencing.

Katie’s sharing of her awareness, skills and own experiences of courage were hugely helpful.
Katie is great at balancing “woo” with practical advice, and her metaphors were really effective for me. Her words directly led to me making some big changes in my life that I was only avoiding due to uncertainty.
Katie herself really modeled the power of strength through vulnerability.