Inspired by Derek Sivers, I created this page to let you know what I am doing and exploring now… and I plan to update here regularly.

Short overview: I'm primarily a teacher of mindfulness and meditation, and my favorite things to talk about are courage, anxiety, introversion, growing little by little, and being ever-so-kind to ourselves. I love spending time in nature, especially hiking, biking, and ocean swimming.

Personal Practice

In my own practice, I’m exploring stabling the habits that help me, especially going to bed earlier. This is part of a larger focus on grounding and cultivating energy that is at grounded and at ease. Another big (and fun!) part of this lately has been spending time in and around trees. Trees have just the kind of stable, calming energy that I value most right now.


I lead free online meditations each week, and have developed a library of short (around 20 minutes) meditations and teachings. These live on my blog and my YouTube channel.


I work with people one-on-one over the phone and in person to bring mindfulness into their own lives, to develop and deepen their practice, to feel more grounded, balanced, and intentional.


I love to write. I've created two workbooks that combine teaching, guided audio meditations, and written reflection: "Courage Amidst Uncertainty" and "Transform Your Relationship to Anxiety." My current project is a workbook for introverts and highly sensitive people like me.

Courses, Etc.

I lead meditations, courses, and retreats (and more!) on the Monterey Peninsula, especially at Monterey Bay Meditation Studio where I am a founding teacher, and I teach Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction at the community hospital. (Find upcoming event details here. Find regularly offered meditations here.) Events that I am most hyped about in this moment:

  • Mindful Yoga & Meditation collaborations with Gina Puccinelli. These are truely for everyone, not just for people who already do yoga and meditate, and they’re fairly affordable. I love the inclusivity and focus on self-care.

  • Waking Up in the Wild nature meditation retreat series with Jennifer Farley, Patricia Wolff, and Marianne Rowe. The series all about being aware and being in nature… and these are my absolute faves. My Forest retreat is on a special private piece of land, and I can’t wait!

  • Gifts of Imperfection Book Club. Oh man. I love this book by Brené Brown, and I learn new things each time I get to read and discuss with others.

Web design

design Squarespace websites! This is one way that I like to use my creativity and also be of service to those who find technology challenging... and still would like to have a beautiful and easy-to-use website that reflects their unique style and offerings.