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Course: "That Low-Down Feeling"

  • Monterey Bay Meditation Studio 529 Central Avenue, Suite 201A Pacific Grove, CA, 93950 United States (map)

There are times when we’re beset by a “low-down feeling:” a vague and unsettling mood that lingers. We may wonder the reason...perhaps there is a cause, or, perhaps there’s nothing discernible. We may try to ignore it, to snap out of it, to fight it, and yet it lingers...until it’s time has passed.

How can we bear it? How can we face this time in the shadow, when what we want is the sun shining bright?

In this two-part module, we’ll work with noticing resistance and cultivating acceptance and equanimity. Using the rhythms of nature as our touchstones, we’ll take comfort in the ever present nature of impermanence and change. We’ll learn to be with ourselves compassionately and patiently, just as we are.

6:30-8:00 PM

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