Looking Back, Within, & Forward: Part 4 of 4

If you've been following along with the first three parts of this series, you've done quite a bit of looking back and looking inward. Looking at the past can bring fond memories as well as painful...and in either case, I feel like it's helpful. With growth mindset as the frame, whatever is in the past-- whether successes, challenges, perceived failures-- it's all data that can be mined for growth and learning.

The future is different. It's a story that hasn't yet been written. We write it in each new moment. Yes, some things happen to us, and the choice that we have is in how we respond. And a lot of what happens is based on our own intentions and choices. Wayne Dyer wrote, 

Our intentions create our reality.

And Kristin Armstrong wrote,

We either live with intention or we exist by default.

So...intentions matter. They're the difference between rolling along any old way and moving forward with purpose in the direction that you'd like to go.

I've been working more with intentions lately. For the past few months, I've had a morning journaling practice, and at the end I write my intentions for the day, whatever comes to me. It is somewhat surprising to me that these intentions have an effect. I often think of them throughout the day, and they inform my actions and states of mind.

I've mentioned that this December I've been reading my 2017 journal. Again and again, as I read, I see the power of intention. I read where I state certain intentions (whether or not I termed them as such)-- relationships to develop and strengthen, habits to form or break...and when I look back, now months later, I see that changes have occurred, even without a special plan of attack. Stating the intention was important, and it was enough to set the ball in motion.

So, with this year ending soon, let us consider-- what will we bring to this new year? What do we plan for? What do we hope for? How do we want to show up in our lives? 

Reflect on your intentions for 2018!

I've created some prompts to lead into this. While you can do this exercise on it's own, I highly recommend doing the previous 3 reflections: "What Did 2017 Bring?",  "Exploring Your Core Attributes", and "Your Core Attributes in 2017" before you begin, because you'll be making connections between the year and your attributes.

As always, I invite you to make some time for this. Get comfortable, create some space. Fill out this little form and I'll send you a printable PDF to get you started.

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