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Why I’m Hanging Out in Trees:

(I sense this will be expanded to a blog post soon!)

These days, I find myself getting into trees. Literally. If you're in the area of Lake El Estero in Monterey, you might see me lounging in a Monterey pine. I'm chilling there, taking in the view... and also feeling into the calming, rooted energy that buzzes within the tree.

Trees are teaching me about expansion— that growth often means expanding outward, through and around rocks. They're teaching me about a perspective that's non-reactive, because it goes beyond this moment and this day. They're teaching me that one can be broken and termite-tunneled, and still beautiful and strong. This summer I'm looking forward to a big July trip to be with my mom in Virginia and with my husband's family in Morocco. Even as all my routines and habits get shaken up, I will bring my tree energy, a tree-on-the-go, swaying in the wind and not breaking.

Being with trees is part of my practice that is drawing me in and inspiring me right now. What do you learn from trees? Or what is inspiring you and calling to you right now? 


What has me feeling excited:

  • Mindful Yoga & Meditation collaborations with Gina Puccinelli. These are truely for everyone, not just for people who already do yoga and meditate, and they’re pretty affordable. What excites me: Inclusivity and focus on self-care.

  • Waking Up in the Wild nature meditation retreat series with Jennifer Farley, Patricia Wolff, and Marianne Rowe. What excites me: This series all about being aware and being in nature… and these are my absolute faves. My Forest retreat is on a special private piece of land, and I can’t wait!

  • Gifts of Imperfection Book Club. Oh man. I love this book by Brené Brown, and I learn new things each time I get to read and discuss with others. What excites me: Vulnerability. The invitation to go deep and get real.

What I’m Up to and Offering — All Summer Mindfulness Offerings:

NEXT SATURDAY 6/8!  Workshop: Mindful Yoga & Meditation: Igniting the Passion Within
Individual: Mindfulness Intensives

Group Kickoff: Intentional Living: A Supportive Community

Book Club: The Gifts of Imperfection
Workshop: Mindful Yoga & Meditation: Grounding & Balancing
Nature Meditation/Movement:
Mindful Qigong & Meditation
Mindful Walking & Meditation

And beyond (for you early planners!)...
Half-Day Retreat: Waking Up in the Wild: Forest
Weekend Retreat: Waking Up in the Wild
Check out the whole "Waking Up in the Wild" retreat series!

Individual Coaching
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