Let's connect in 2019!

Hello! I hope January is treating you well so far. As you probably know, I love taking time to reflect, and in December I spent a lot of time in reflection, personally and professionally.

All last year, every Wednesday morning I led a short live meditation on Facebook, which I then posted on my YouTube channel (hey, why not like the page and subscribe to the channel now? :)). This year, I'm playing with the format of what I offer. I still want to connect with you each week, but I am expanding and playing around with the format. You can still expect meditations, and also short teachings, noticings, and discussions on a variety of topics. If you know me, you’ll probably not be surprised about the topics I hope to explore: anxiety, courage, mindfulness in the day-to-day… real and helpful stuff!

In this first video of the year, I want to tell you more about it and about how we can be in contact. I am craving to hear from you and what YOU are hoping to discuss. Let's discuss what matters to us...together!

P.S. If you giggle at the thumbnail for this video below, go ahead and have a giggle. :) When I upload a video, YouTube grabs certain moments, and this one cracked me up. I’m like, “Hallelujah, it’s 2019!”