Someday We'll Look Back On All This...


Sometime in the '90s, we saw maybe this mug or some other merchandise or card and my dad thought it was hilarious. "Someday we'll look back on all this and laugh our buns off." It's silly...just using the word "buns" is silly. My dad was super silly and he liked silly things. I don't remember exactly where this came from, but I just remembered today that my dad or someone else in the family would say this phrase at exactly the right time back in the day.

When someone was anxious or upset about something, when things were going kind of wrong, we would say, "One of these days we'll look back on this and laugh our buns off." It would always crack us up, bring a little light and perspective to the situation. I am holding on to this today. No, I will never laugh at all, let alone laugh my buns totally off, about this time of life when things seem pretty dark. But I know that the gist is true: someday my perspective about my experience will have changed. Someday it will not seem like my life; it will seem like that one part of my life. Someday it might seem like my hermit crab shell was ripped away and then I could grow bigger (is that how hermit crabs work?). Someday it may seem like a forest burned and now the morels are coming up. For all of us who are feeling like the present moment cannot be borne, the knowledge of impermanence is a gift. Nothing stays this way forever. Everything changes, is changing now.